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The Chinese Year of the Monkey begins on 8 February 2016. Omega Replica Watches has added a special model to celebrate the Chinese Zodiac to welcome the New Year.

The dial of the Omega Replica Watches “Year of the Monkey” is a beautiful and unique representation of a monkey eating eight peaches. Each dial was handcrafted by Japanese lacquer master, Master Minori Koizumi. He reproduced a Chinese traditional theme that represents good fortune and long life. The peach represents good health and the number 8 is considered lucky.

Omega Replica Watches's interpretation shows a monkey in a red coat gathering peaches while behind him, a scene of soft colors and golden rays are burning. This is a perfect match for the rose-gold case.

Monkeys are a symbol of wealth, honor, good fortune, and God Almighty. The Monkey is an intelligent animal. People born under this sign are often seen as smart, clever, and intelligent.

Master Koizumi created each dial using urushi, a lacquer made from the sap of a Japanese varnish tree. The sap was harvested and aged, then treated to make it transparent.Rolex Air King Replica Watches The sap was then applied in thin layers. The lacquer was then applied on top of the gold-dust motifs that were created with the Maki-e decorative technique.

Omega Replica Watches worked on this occasion with the Japanese lacquerware manufacturer Yamada Heiando, the brand which was the official supplier of the Japanese Imperial family. Master Kilchiro has designed each dial of the Omega Replica Watches “Year of the Monkey” watch.